Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seattle Puppet Festival

In July 2010 our shadow play Order Of Wolf terrorized the Northwest Regional Puppetry Feastival in Seattle, WA.

Seattle's THE STRANGER newspaper reviewed the Festival.
This is what Paul Constant had to say about us...

"Portland's Night Shade theater uses elaborate pop-up books as shadow-puppet sets, and its Order of Wolf has incredible depth of field: A soldier holds up a severed head as the "camera" (a flashlight manipulated to illuminate, shrink, and enlarge sections of the pop-up set on a projection screen) swoops over a battlefield covered in dead bodies, and a Citizen Kane–like pan rushes from the outside of a Victorian mansion to the interior of a study. Some tropes that would be too familiar in a horror movie, such as a a brutal werewolf attack or a reflection in a mirror during a lightning storm turning into a demon's face, seem fresh and new when performed live."

For the full article click on the link PERFORMING WITH YOUR HANDS UP...

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