Monday, July 9, 2012

Supertoon Animation Festival

The Hand & Japanther's LIL TASTE has been invited to compete in the Supertoon Animation Festival in Croatia!  We are in the Music Video category with some really stellar groups!!!  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


JAPANTHER vs. NIGHT SHADE got their REVENGE at Disjecta this past weekend by performing what people called "One of the best show they have ever seen!"

This show was posted on Juxtapoz
Portland Mercury my, what a busy week
Portland Monthly Magazine Culture Blog 
and online on Oregon Live
Awe yea!

Performing under the banner of NIGHT SHADE were artists...
Kevin Bouton-Scott, Alicia Decay, Sarah Frechette, Mel Larsen, Oviedo Menendez, Chris Rabilwongse, Cynthia Star, Jason Thibodeaux & Alain Z

We would like to thank the following cutters, capers and prop stars...
Lukas Ketner, Rachel Wall, Scott Johnston, Tony Morgan, Sloan White, Tony DeFilipps, Circe Ward, Kent Melton, Fuchsia Lin, Martha Grant, Ann Smith, Maria Andreotti & Kathy

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The REVENGE Show Flyer

Ready for the Rematch!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Japanther vs. Night Shade: THE REVENGE

Japanther fight the battle for their lives as the dead rise and blood thirsty monsters go berserk.  With hooded graffiti artists, morphing man-panthers, tentacles of terror, and sprinkles of ice cream lovers on top.  Can Japanther defeat the malevolent creatures of the Night Shade.  The terror returns to the stage is this battle for redemption and puppetry-all in an attempt to redefine what bands, groups and gangs can do.

This coming June 8, 9 & 10 at DISJECTA in North Portland!!! 

June 8 
Doors at 730 / Show at 8
Doors at 10 / Show at 10:30

June 9
Doors at 730 / Show at 8
Doors at 10 / Show at 10:30

June 10
Doors at 730 / Show at 8

Also in the space “Lil Taste” a puppet music video art instillation.
This show features large diorama boxes filled with sets, props, and puppets created by The Hand/Night Shade entangled with the music of Japanther for the music video LIL TASTE (click here).

For more information, tickets and directions go to

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lil Taste Music Video

JAPANTHER's Lil Taste Video - by THE HAND / NIGHT SHADE premiered on the
April 10, 2010

Lil Taste puppet music video was conceived and created by
The Hand / Night Shade
Directed by Jason Thibodeaux and Sarah Frechette

song taken from from

get the album:
or order the CD version:


Lil Taste a Puppet Music Video
Conceived and Directed by Jason Thibodeaux & Sarah Frechette
Music by Japanther

This video would not have been possible without the incredible talents of...
Gabriel Temme, Tony Morgan, Kevin Bouton-Scott, Jessica Lynn, Daniel Miller, Melissa Larsen, Tony Candelaria, Heidi Armour, Stef Choi, Alain Z, Jeremy Spake, Oviedo Menendez, Chris Rabilwongse, Matt Brooks, Toby Froud, Cynthia Starr, Erin Long, Matt DeLeu, Rees Bowes, Gillian Povey, James Ramsey, Erica Savadow- Pope


For more information about THE HAND please email: