Monday, November 1, 2010


Night Shade is headed to New Orleans for this years Fringe Festival!
November 17 - 21st 2010 we will be performing our shadow play Order of Wolf at The Mudlark Public Theater.

Shows: 11/17 7:00 pm, 11/18 9:00 pm, 11/19 11:00 pm, 11/20 3:00 pm & 9:00 pm, 11/21 1:00 pm & 9:00 pm

For more information on performances for this festival go to...

Silhouetted Fashion Show

July 17th 2010 NIGHT SHADE cast dark shapes of performers and models as part of a theatrical fashion show by design team MYTHAUS

Click on Beatnick Betty to see what Portland fashionistas had to say!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Japanther vs. Night Shade

Night Shade is collaborating with the punk band Japanther to create a show for the PICA TBA Festival. On opening night the underground scene of rock-n-roll puppet shows will be pulled out of the dingy basements and explode onto the stage at Old Washington High School Auditorium.
September 9th, 2010
531 SE 14th Ave
10:30 pm Free Admission

Get ready for the rumble of JAPANTHER VS. NIGHT SHADE!

Core artists are Alicia Cortes, Sarah Frechette, Oviedo Menendez, Jason Thibodeaux and Alain Z, but also working under the banner Night Shade are Kevin Bouton-Scott, Michel Fiffe, Chris Rabilwongse and Cynthia Starr.

Special Thanks Simone White, Kent Melton and Tony DeFilipps

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seattle Puppet Festival

In July 2010 our shadow play Order Of Wolf terrorized the Northwest Regional Puppetry Feastival in Seattle, WA.

Seattle's THE STRANGER newspaper reviewed the Festival.
This is what Paul Constant had to say about us...

"Portland's Night Shade theater uses elaborate pop-up books as shadow-puppet sets, and its Order of Wolf has incredible depth of field: A soldier holds up a severed head as the "camera" (a flashlight manipulated to illuminate, shrink, and enlarge sections of the pop-up set on a projection screen) swoops over a battlefield covered in dead bodies, and a Citizen Kane–like pan rushes from the outside of a Victorian mansion to the interior of a study. Some tropes that would be too familiar in a horror movie, such as a a brutal werewolf attack or a reflection in a mirror during a lightning storm turning into a demon's face, seem fresh and new when performed live."

For the full article click on the link PERFORMING WITH YOUR HANDS UP...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

thats SHOW BUSINESS folks

Imagine how surprised we were to find that our shadow image landed on the cover of NYC's Show Business Weekly.
Thank you Heather for the heads up!
We are now credited online and the END OF PLAYS article is very interesting so I encourage you to check it out at